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SHINee Explore The Depths Of Their Love in ‘Atlantis’

The South Korean pop stars make a highly anticipated comeback after the success of their seventh studio album, ‘Don’t Call Me’

Divyansha Dongre Apr 12, 2021
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Unlike the dark and fierce concepts explored in “Don’t Call Me,” K-pop veteran group SHINee have delved into a picturesque, vibrant realm for their latest comeback, “Atlantis.”

The electro-pop record sees SHINee take on a softer, boy-next-door look as they sing about the depths of their love. Drawing parallels with the ocean, the lyrics take listeners on a sonic voyage; “My love goes deep, deep, deep/ Your ocean got deeper/ The emotion got stronger / My love goes deep, deep, deep/ I entrust my entire self in the waves.” The song then sees the quartet taking a leap of faith as they follow their instincts, pushing them to pursue their love, “Always unpredictable/ Her, you and I, I miss / Even though I can’t trust it /I go towards Atlantis.” 

“Atlantis” offers signs of hope through its lyricism and visually, with the careful placement of three seahorses, who are often viewed as a symbol of good fortune and charm. The track shines the spotlight on the group’s vocal abilities. Rapper Minho delivers a smooth yet powerful rap in his signature raspy tone and vocalist and leader Onew exemplifies the sound of the track with his vast vocal range.

Atlantis is the group’s repackaged version of their seventh studio album Don’t Call Me and features three new tracks: “Area,” “Days and Years” and the title track “Atlantis.”

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