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Shivangi Kale Marks Her Debut with Quirky Single ‘Tippity-Toe’

The Pune singer-songwriter worked with producer Shreyas Iyengar on the track

David Britto Jul 07, 2022

Pune singer-songwriter Shivangi Kale. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Growing up, Pune singer-songwriter Shivangi Kale was influenced by her older brother’s musical taste and found a keen interest in bands such as Linkin Park, Evanescence and Green Day. Soon, Kale began covering Adele songs and also went on to train as a vocalist. After exploring songwriting, the artist wrote “Tippity-Toe,” which she recently released as her debut single.  

According to Kale, she says, “The song talks about reciprocity in a relationship. When one person feels that they are putting in more effort than the other is, they realize that they are giving too much and not getting their own needs met.” She adds, “Many times we meet people who we keep chasing, and the day we stop is the day the relationship comes to an end because one realizes they’re the only one who won’t give up. At such times, an array of mixed emotions may take over the person, forcing them to think why they held on to it for so long.” 

The track itself is lyric-heavy and Kale showcases her vocal prowess over minimum instrumentation that includes claps, drums, upright bass parts, synths and a tambourine. Towards the end of the song, the track completely changes from what is heard earlier, as Kale moves from a playful sonic texture to a more melancholic mood with just keys and her hauntingly beautiful voice.  

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The singer-songwriter worked with Pune-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Shreyas Iyengar on the song at his studio. She says, “It was a very fun process, as he made sure he did bring out the best in me to serve the song emotionally and sonically. You can see that in his playing and his production as he has succeeded at keeping it as authentic as possible.” 

Next, Kale is lining up more music to be released and says, “I hope to write and make better music in the future, push my boundaries, and heal through music and help others heal too.”  

Stream “Tippity-Toe” on Spotify below: 


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