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Hear Pop Artist Shrikanth Nair’s Expansive Love Ballad ‘Tere Ishq Se’

Written as part of his project Nair Aunty’s Curry, the Mumbai-based singer talks about how being part of the music streaming ecosystem feeds into his compositions

Anurag Tagat May 12, 2021

Mumbai-based artist Shrikanth Nair.

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Started around 2015, Nair Aunty’s Curry is Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Shrikanth Nair’s multi-genre project. “I don’t like to fit my music into one genre. I call it happy music,” he says.

That aside, he does admit the name attracts all kinds of inquiries outside of performing or recording music. Nair says with a laugh, “When we launched our Facebook page, we got a lot of questions like, ‘Do you have a restaurant? Is this a catering service?’” Nevertheless, Nair perseveres with music releasing under his own name for the project; the most recent addition to his catalog is a lush, classic rock-informed ballad called “Tere Ishq Se.”

Punctuated by riffs as well as a high-pitched guitar solo by Shankul Chavan, the song was produced by James J. at Studio Believers, with Nair singing tenderly about the little things that make a big difference when you’re in love. The song was written in mid-2020 and recorded remotely. “All inputs were done with Zoom and WhatsApp calls. This was the first time we made a song this way, so we learned a lot,” Nair adds.

Originally the frontman of rock band Veda (which started out as early as 2002), Nair’s past experiments with jazz, metal and folk still feeds into his current project, although he’s more inclined to take on Marathi, Malayalam and Hindi pop, electronic and more today. Part of that accessible appeal to his music has to do with his own background in music, being part of radio as well as now part of an Indian streaming platform. “The best part about being in this industry is you get to listen to a lot of music and absorb it. It helps understand new genres and being in the scene makes you see what is working. I believe every musician should keep learning,” Nair says.

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With a self-described “learning curve” of making and releasing music in the current scenario resolutely placed before him, Nair has up to eight singles set to launch through the rest of 2021, among a total of 20 written songs waiting to be recorded. “We now know what to do and how to proceed, because we’ve done this song through the online medium,” he adds.

Listen to “Tere Ishq Se” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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