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Sibling Duo Once Around The Sun Release Wistful Debut Single ‘Chasing’

The song is off the U.S.-based pair’s forthcoming EP

David Britto Jan 22, 2021

U.S.-based singer-songwriter duo Once Around The Sun. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Sibling singer-songwriter duo Once Around The Sun – comprising musicians Anukriti and Antriksh Kandhari – first dipped their toes into music while singing at their local church in Delhi NCR. Soon after, they began posting covers on Instagram which received plenty of traction and led to them performing at gigs in Hyderabad. While the band went on a hiatus for a couple of years, the Kandharis got back when both siblings moved to the U.S. two years ago. “We decided to pick things up again, but this time, we wanted to solely focus on original music and releasing an EP,” says Anukriti.

Recently, Once Around The Sun dropped their reflective debut single “Chasing,” off their upcoming EP. The duo began working on the record in March last year. Although they planned to record at a studio in Seattle, things changed and instead they tracked at their home studios both in Washington state and Hyderabad. Anukriti says, “While recording we felt that ‘Chasing’ would be a good single release. It is also one of the first songs that we wrote.”

The new track opens with lush acoustic guitar plucking before the siblings enter with their immersive and beautiful vocal harmonies. The track builds with subtle keyboard and percussive work as well as delightful electric guitar parts. “The idea of the song came from a feeling of disappointment from an experience that I looked forward to for years,” says Antriksh. His sister adds, “It’s like thinking of all the times when you did not live in the present cause you were so obsessed by this one thing, and when you get there all you can think of is the moments and memory you had the chance to make but you weren’t there.”

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Once Around The Sun roped in drummer-producer Joel Joseph and Joshua Samuel to co-produce the track with them while Mumbai-based William Samuel Sonnah mixed and mastered it. The pair’s forthcoming EP, which is due to be out later this year, will include songs in both English and Hindi. Anukriti says, “We are trying to experiment with different sounds and create a vibe that compliments both languages.”

Stream “Chasing” on Spotify below:

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