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Sickflip Premiers Teaser for The Ladakh Project

Sarvesh Shrivastava teams up with The Outbox Project to create a mesmerizing 45-minute audio-visual set

Jessica Kilbane Jul 19, 2014
Sickflip | Photo Credit: Aneesh Prasad/Sabit Tisekar

Photo Credit: Aneesh Prasad/Sabit Tisekar

When he visited Leh for the first time last year, it occurred to electronica producer Sarvesh Shrivastava that the province of Ladakh was “one of the most inspiring environments for producing music.” The Mumbai-based artist, who performs under the alias Sickflip, spent the next year planning and conceptualizing an experimental audio-visual undertaking called The Ladakh Project, with friends and long time collaborators from photography collective The Outbox Project. Says Shrivastava, “It was a very immersive experience.”

The group, who journeyed to Ladakh in May this year, spent two weeks traveling, documenting and creating, drawing inspiration from their travels which spread from Nubra Valley to Pangong lake. While listening to the five tracks which comprise The Ladakh Project, it becomes evident that while elements of Shrivastava’s bass-heavy signature style remain perceptible, the artist has consciously moved out of his comfort zone with his latest EP. Says the producer, “It’s different because earlier the intent was to keep my music groovy and for the dancefloor, this is nothing like that. The new tracks are slower, they have more story and every piece is a part of a mosaic.” Armed with a laptop and a field recorder, Shrivastava sampled sounds from his surroundings on the trip, including recordings of waves and wind, children’s laughter, monks chanting prayers of goodwill and instruments typical of the region. For the live shows, each track will be accompanied by footage, stop-motion clips and stills from the trip. Says the producer, “We wanted audiences to experience what we had.”

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The Ladakh Project tour will begin late August and will cover four cities.


The Ladakh Project ”“ Official Teaser



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