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Silver Tears

Dirt Beyond Beauty EP
Independent release
[Two and a half stars]

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Nov 10, 2010

Guwahati-based progressive metal band Silver Tears had an impressive debut single in ”˜Dirt Beyond Beauty’ that showcased some serious songwriting potential, mixing jazzy interludes effortlessly with djent-ish riffing. It promised an impressive debut album, but the final result doesn’t quite live up to the promise. Opener ”˜Deep Within’ is an insipid ballad whose jazz inflections seem forced at times and isn’t helped by the pitchy signing. ”˜Euphonious Odyssey’ channels Dream Theater in its odd-time signatures but ends up a hot mess as the vocals and music don’t quite come together. ”˜Drifter’ makes a more successful stab at DT and gets it right for the most part but it too falters in fits and starts. ”˜Dirt Beyond Beauty,’ the song still remains the most impressive of the bunch where the band seems to have found synchronicity in their experimentation. An average debut, one that reeks of unfulfilled potential.

Key Tracks: ‘Dirt Beyond Beauty’, ‘Drifter’

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