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Sinead O’Connor Tweets for Help After Suicide Attempt

Singer explains, ‘I just had to make a cry for help’

Rolling Stone Jan 13, 2012
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Photo: Kevin Abosch

Troubled singer Sinead O’Connor continues to battle her demons in the public eye. Yesterday, she sent out a desperate call for help on her Twitter account, only revealing afterward that the post followed a suicide attempt by pills the week prior.

“Does anyone know a psychiatrist in Dublin or Wicklow who could urgently see me today please? I’m really unwell and in danger. I desperately need to get back on meds today,” tweeted the 45-year-old musician.

Following the incident, O’Connor told the Sun, a British tabloid, “God obviously wants me around ”“ though I can’t think why.” She also explained, “I just had to make a cry for help.”

After the first suicide effort failed, O’Connor was hospitalized for a broken ankle and made another attempt in the hospital, the Sun reports. The dramatic episode is the latest in an unsettling year for the controversial Irish singer. In September 2011, she posted a series of tweets that had suicidal implications, but later dismissed them on her blog in an open letter that said, in part, “People who express suicidal feelings are least likely to act on them. Anyone who gives u the remotest bit of shit for expressing suicidal feelings is a wanker and is to be politely asked to permanently vacate your precious company. Even if its ur mudda-fuggin Mama.”

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O’Connor also wed drug counselor Barry Herridge in December 2011 (her fourth marriage), and they separated after 18 days together but later reconciled.

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