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Singaporean Rapper Yung Raja Grins His Way Through ‘The Dance Song’

The English-Tamil song celebrating identity throws in references to dosa, India’s billionaires and business jargon

Rolling Stone India Oct 14, 2020

Singapore-based hip-hop artist Yung Raja. Photo: Hans Goh

In the last two years of blowing up in the South East Asian region (and globally, now that he’s signed to Def Jam South East Asia), Singapore artist Yung Raja has kept that million-dollar smile intact. On his latest single “The Dance Song” and its music video, the rapper relishes every second of his rise to the top — both lyrically and visually.

In a social media challenge-friendly way, “The Dance Song” employs an infectious and emphatic hook of “Look at me dance!” from Raja, with the chorus almost made for  short form video sharing apps. The upbeat bop produced by Singapore-based Flightsch turns up the trap energy, as Raja sings in a blend of Tamil and English about how his self-worth has hit a glorious high.

There’s filled-to-the-brim references to Tamil cinema, cuisine and pop culture, plus about how he’d “stay connected like Tata” and steely as Ambani, name-checking the billionaires of India. He mixes braggadocio and contentment in the chorus when he talks about profit and loss, but Raja levels up when he gets to a lightspeed rap verse, just to prove he’s not all about the same style that he’s perfected on previous singles like “Mad Blessings” and “Mustafa.”

In the music video directed by Singapore-based filmmaker Jasper Tan aka Vadbibes, there’s heaps more of delightful references to Tamil movies, Looney Tunes and more as Raja gets supersized to stomp around Singapore, almost like King Kong, except much more happier and colorful.

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Watch the video for “The Dance Song” below. Stream on more platforms here.