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Singer-Songwriter Aneesha Collaborates with Producers Tech Panda and Kenzani on New Electronic Single ‘Uncertainty’

The artists met over social media before creating the fresh track

David Britto Oct 26, 2020

New Delhi singer-songwriter Aneesha (left) and producers Tech Panda and Kenzani. Photos: Vibhor Yadav (Aneesha); Paul David Martin

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When New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Aneesha Dass – who goes by her first name – connected with electronic producers Tech Panda and Kenzani through social media earlier this year, the artists exchanged music ideas for a possible collaboration. “We admired each other’s work,” says Aneesha. After plenty of back and forth via email, they were finally ready with their just-released luxuriant electronic single “Uncertainty.” Aneesha says, “It almost felt like it was meant to be.”

A producer in her own right, Aneesha initially began working on the track after writing a few lines on a piece of paper that she left on her desk. When she sat down to produce new music, the singer-songwriter revisited that first idea and slowly fleshed out the lyrics and melody. She says, “My inspiration was the ambivalent feelings I was experiencing through lockdown mainly characterized by a lot of uncertainty, but also a feeling of calming surrender.” Even though her career had come to a standstill due to COVID-19, Aneesha found herself creating a lot more and simultaneously noticed nature thriving too.

The singer-songwriter says, “I think the song in its essence embraces something existential. We are impermanent [and] we fit within nature and not the other way around. A small virus can upend our lives and show us to sit down and be humble and be grateful for the world around us.” Tech Panda and Kenzani on their part bring forth smooth synth chords, ambient textures and a bouncy groove while Aneesha’s vocals and harmonies add depth to the song. “I think electronic music is great in the sense that it is open to so many possibilities. It allows you to experiment, create outside of the box of static genres and just play,” she says.

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While Tech Panda and Kenzani have been regularly releasing material, “Uncertainty” marks the first time that Aneesha is putting out her first piece of original music. The singer-songwriter admits to being excited and nervous all at the same time. She says, “I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better song to be my first original baby into the world. It teaches me to keep creating, take breaks, believe in my own resilience and hustle and be in the moment.”

The collaborators on “Uncertainty” have already discussed working on future projects together. The electronic producers are currently lining up a new single to be dropped soon. As for Aneesha, she’s been writing a bunch of new tunes as well as working on her production chops. Not one to be subjected to any particular genre of music, the artist is planning on creating her own soundscapes through her journey. “I think my music will display just that since the tracks will always aspire to innovate,” she says.

Watch the lyric video for “Uncertainty” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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