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Singer-Songwriter Gaurang Jhalani Shares Breezy New Single ‘Kyun Mera Dil’

The New Delhi artist delivers a no-frills performance on the track

David Britto Sep 08, 2021

New Delhi singer-songwriter Gaurang Jhalani. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi singer-songwriter Gaurang Jhalani counts his mother as an inspiration when it comes to his music. The artist began playing the piano at the age of four and soon also picked up the guitar and drums. He says, “Growing up with my parents being a huge influence on my music taste, I started listening to old English classics, the sonic imprints of which can also be derived from the music I make.”

Jhalani is one who likes to keep things simple with his art and isn’t too keen on effects or indulgent production techniques. On his lighthearted new single, “Kyun Mera Dil,” he’s done just that and delivered a no-frills performance.

Housed in his bedroom with nothing else to do due to the pandemic, Jhalani found himself writing songs. Although he began putting some of that material on his SoundCloud page, he mentions that “Kyun Mera Dil” is his first professionally produced release. The track opens with lush acoustic guitar strumming before it builds up and includes poignant piano parts and delicate percussion work while Jhalani’s honeyed vocals draw you in for more. “’Kyun Mera Dil’ is a question I ask when I find myself searching for someone as an escape from paths I’m lost on. It is a question, who’s answer I’m desperately trying to imagine in my dreams to lead me to a state of inner calm and peace.”

He adds, “I wrote this song when I was losing clarity in the midst of the second wave; to create a safe haven for myself when the world around me was falling apart. This song is a form of hope, that in reality, I am still looking for.”

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Jhalani recorded “Kyun Mera Dil” at his home studio while musician and producer Abhishek Sekhri from New Delhi’s Kintsugi Studios handled bass, percussion and production duties and also mixed and mastered the track. “Recording during the lockdown obviously had its own challenges, but it made the process all the more creative and exciting,” says the singer-songwriter. Jhalani tells us that he has two more singles he’s planning on releasing this. He says, “I look forward to expressing myself musically through melodies and lyrics that are simple and wholesome.”

Stream “Kyun Mera Dil” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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