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Singer-Songwriter Nisa Shetty Releases Debut Hindi Song ‘Baatein’

The vocalist, who’s been part of music platforms such as ‘The Stage’ and Nexa Music, teamed up with American musicians Drake Duffer and Oliver Glynn

Anurag Tagat Jul 15, 2020

New Delhi singer-songwriter Nisa Shetty. Photo: Courtesy of artist

Out in her home in Madh Island in suburban Mumbai, singer-songwriter Nisa Shetty says it’s one of the more “wonderful places” to be during the monsoon as well as the ongoing pandemic. “Most people here are either musicians or filmmakers or actors so the environment is great and it’s like a community of artists,” she adds.

Making a little bit of progress on an upcoming EP within her home studio setup, Shetty has released a collaborative new song called “Baatein,” her first Hindi single. The gentle love song features guitarist Drake Duffer and pianist Oliver Glynn, whom Shetty had performed with at a handful of shows in New York City and Los Angeles last year. Shetty adds, “I decided to do a lockdown collaboration with them on one of my tracks. The two of them filmed and recorded their parts in their homes in North Carolina and Virginia and I recorded in Mumbai.”

Although she’s released English singles like “Infinity” early on and even collaborated with drummer-producer Corridors for the 2016 track “April Flows,” Shetty also has roots in theater, thanks in part to family, who founded the Akshara Theater in New Delhi. She adds, “I just think as an artist, one has to do many things – especially at this time. The more skills you have, the better.” The singer-actor has so far picked up on video editing and music production, in addition to continuing her voiceover recording gigs and ad jingle work. “Releasing this single is also a part of this madness of just doing all the things I love. I don’t think I can just concentrate on one thing at a time,” she says.

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Watch the video for “Baatein” here. Stream on more platforms here.