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Singer-Songwriter Prateek Bhaduri Offers Soulful Solace with ‘Inner Love’ Music Video

The Pune-bred artist talks about how he sourced specific stock footage for the song

Anurag Tagat Jul 01, 2020

Pune singer-songwriter and pop artist Prateek Bhaduri. Photo: Jephin Thomas

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On Pune singer-songwriter/pop artist Prateek Bhaduri’s 2018 EP Different Shades of Me, a striking yet serene inclusion was “Inner Love.” At seven minutes and 42 seconds, the swirling, mellow and almost psychedelic jam stands out amongst the rest of the five-track EP, which includes Hindi, Bengali and English pop-rock songs.

Turns out “Inner Love” was important for Bhaduri as well, enough to make him create a music video that highlights his message of mental wellbeing and self-love. The video features footage sourced from stock archives as well as other sources, showing characters in different psychological states – from anguish to euphoria. Bhaduri says it took him “months of effort” to source the footage.

Starting with a basic storyline in mind, the artist put together the concept and sought footage. He adds, “It needs a lot of work, patience and dedication to find the right footage of good quality and ample angles of the same shot followed by decent knowledge of editing and color grading and a whole lot more. Otherwise it can just look like a compilation of footage which might not end up doing justice to the song.” Familiar with how artists around the globe buy footage and stitch together a music video, Bhaduri does explain that it might be better to acquire licenses to exclusively own the footage, so that the music video “stays unique.”

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Bolstered by the process of making the music video for “Inner Love,” Bhaduri says he now plans to shoot and direct his own videos for upcoming material. There’s new songs, plus “exciting international collaborations” with producers that takes Bhaduri into the dance music space. He adds, “Another thing I am looking forward to doing is bringing back my Radio Indie podcast in a talk show format with independent artists in July and curate a digital music festival that can benefit independent artists during the lockdown.”

Watch the video for “Inner Love” below. 

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