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Singer-Songwriter Rae Valentine Drops Two New Singles, ‘Love me Miss me’ and ‘holding on’

The Mumbai artist touches polar opposites with R&B and alt-rock

David Britto May 12, 2021

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Rae Valentine. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After releasing her 2020 pop single “Let Me Love You” last year, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Rae Valentine has been writing songs and poems at a quick pace. According to the artist, she’s got more than 100 songs in her locker and recently she’s released two of those tracks in the shape of the R&B laced “Love me Miss me” and the early 2000s alt-rock sounding “holding on.”

Valentine’s songwriting usually revolves around her past life experiences as well as how she feels in the moment. She says, “It can be anything. A happy moment, a bad breakup or hurt.” The artist has taken a similar approach to her latest offerings. On “Love me Miss me” she’s collaborated with fellow artist Honey Musket as the track includes a moody vibe with pop, synth and electronic elements while maintaining its R&B vibe throughout. “It’s about a person describing the kind of ride they had with another person who’s not exactly an ex but what they could’ve been,” says the singer-songwriter.

With “Holding On,” Valentine sings about a lost love while crunchy guitars and thumping drum parts complement the artist’s Avril Lavigne-esque vocal delivery. The track also features a slick guitar solo towards its climax. Valentine says, “I wrote this song at 3:43 am in almost 22 minutes. I was going through something and the idea just popped inside my head. The next morning, I hit the studio with the band and had this produced and recorded.”

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Valentine had Honey Musket produce, mix and master “Love me Miss me” while “Holding On” is produced by Valentine with Abhinav Sinha adding guitar parts and mixed and mastered by Vaibhav Jaganath. Next, the singer-songwriter is plotting to release her sophomore album in 2022 while also hoping things ease with the pandemic so that she can get back to performing live. “While we just sit and wait I hope to continue writing songs,” says Valentine.

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