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Singer-Songwriter Sagar Verma is Gentle and Evocative on New Hindi Song ‘Sach Kehne Do’

The New Delhi artist will release a song each month to complete his debut album, ‘Khud Se Mohabbat’

Anurag Tagat Jun 28, 2022

New Delhi singer-songwriter Sagar Verma. Photo: Courtesy of 1524 Delhi

For New Delhi singer-songwriter Sagar Verma, finding affection from a furry companion led him to ponder about self-love and empowerment and channel it into his upcoming album Khud Se Mohabbat. The soul-searching pop single “Sach Kehne Do,” released by the queer artist and producer in June, is the first glimpse from the 12-track album.  

In a behind-the-scenes video about the making of Khud Se Mohabbat, Verma describes how he met the dog who showered him with love and made him realize he’s “not unlovable and that he deserved love too.” It led to the title track, the first composition from the album, and broke a three-year spell of mental-health struggles when, Verma says, he barely wrote any music. He adds in a statement about his latest single, “I was in a very difficult space mentally when I wrote ‘Sach Kehne Do’ – where I couldn’t recognize who I had become when I looked into the mirror anymore.”  

Verma – also a popular content creator on Instagram – went on to build his own home studio setup and worked with producer Aditya Shukla to create Khud Se Mohabbat. In all, these upcoming songs – releasing one by one starting this month – capture battles that Verma has fought and lessons he learnt along the way. He adds, “‘Sach Kehne Do’ is about learning to embrace who you are, and what you stand for, while simultaneously allowing the same space for other people in your life. The central idea is to be yourself, and let others be whoever they want to be. It’s a very introspective song, but writing it made me feel very empowered.”  

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Each song off the album will also have its own artwork, an idea that Verma credits to creative director Omisha Chugh. “To me, this album is about documenting my own journey of learning to love myself and continue on that journey, because it’s not a destination,” he adds in his BTS video. The record also documents Sagar’s journey through navigating complex themes like identity and sexuality, and their emotional impact.  

Listen to “Sach Kehne Do” below. Stream on more platforms here