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Hear Kerala Singer-Songwriter Sridev Ramesh Tackle Procrastination on ‘Lemonade from Apples’

The Palakkad-bred artist works with simple guitar and vocal layers on his latest

Anurag Tagat Oct 05, 2020

Kerala singer-songwriter Sridev Ramesh. Photo: Paakezaah

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Kerala guitarist and vocalist Sridev Ramesh unpacks the common problem for those of us lacking gusto on his latest track “Lemonade from Apples,” employing a reference to actor Jim Carrey and more in the easygoing track.

Although an astrophysics graduate, Ramesh runs an indie music company called Fruit Jam and is influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Tim Misch and rock band Rogue Valley. He breathes in neo-soul, indie and ambient-rock over three tracks out so far this year. His previous release, “Musafir x Wanderer,” came out in August and featured Mumbai producer Yugm. With “Lemonade from Apples,” however, Ramesh goes solo, singing about procrastination over minimal but soulful guitar melodies.

The singer-songwriter asks out loud in a press note about losing motivation mid-way through a project or waiting for a ‘spark’ to get work done. Like many — perhaps more so in self-quarantine right now — Ramesh also poses the risk of daydreaming our time away. “I’ve felt all of these at various points in my life and wrote this song while going through quite a lazy time in my life,” he adds.

In the song, the artist tells himself that to avoid a shoddy, half-assed job with “improper execution,” it’s best to stop lying to oneself. He adds, “This song was basically me sitting myself down and telling myself, ‘Listen up buddy. You want lemonade, go get lemons! You can’t try making lemonade with apples and be like they were bad apples.'”

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To promote the song, Ramesh has also released a quirky new recipe video called The Lemonade Film on Instagram about how, in fact, you cannot make a likeable glass of lemonade using apples.

Listen to “Lemonade from Apples” below. Stream on more platforms here

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