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Sivamani, Dr. L Subramaniam and More Set for Debut Edition of HCL Concerts in Bengaluru

They will be joined by upcoming classical vocalist Ronkini Gupta, selected via the HCL Digital Concerts platform

Rolling Stone India Dec 22, 2019

Violin maestro Dr. L. Subramaniam.

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Fresh from its second international edition in New York City and San Francisco earlier this month, HCL Concerts returns to expand on home ground with the announcement of a Bengaluru edition of the long-running event series.

Promoting Indian classical music, fusion, folk and independent music, HCL Concerts will host violin-composer legend Dr. L. Subramaniam, veteran percussionist and drummer extraordinaire Sivamani and classical vocalist and playback singer Ronkini Gupta at Ambedkar Bhawan on December 27th. At a press conference held in Bengaluru, HCL Concerts head Rohit Kaul mentioned that it was the 11th city they were setting up in, starting in 1998 in New Delhi.

While smaller cities like Faridabad, Madurai and Nagpur have hosted HCL Concerts before Bengaluru, Kaul mentioned that the groundwork and research that goes into setting up in a new city also involves finding a strong network of customers, clients and more. “We have a very strong presence of around 10,000 employees here, so better late than never. We’re here now and it’s special for a variety of reasons” Kaul said.

In addition to Sivamani and Dr. Subramaniam, Gupta is selected via HCL Digital Concerts, a recently launched talent platform which launched earlier this year. The three artists together led to the HCL Concerts in Bengaluru being called “Trivat” – three concerts back to back. Tickets for the 1,000 plus auditorium show are already sold out.

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Also present at the launch, Dr. Subramaniam said, “Bengaluru offers an array of musical styles to artists and aficionados. The audience in the city understands different genres, especially Indian Classical music, and it is always a pleasure to perform here. Given this,  I am glad that HCL decided to bring Concerts to the city. I have had great pleasure in performing for HCL Concerts in India and abroad including Carnegie Hall in New York. I really look forward to perform for the HCL concerts in Bengaluru.”


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