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Six New Metal Releases You Should Listen To

Whether you like classic-metal or post-metal or tech-death, raise your horns to these new tracks and albums from India and beyond

Rolling Stone India Mar 20, 2015
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“One Morning”

Vijay Xavier & Vishal J. Singh

From left: Guitarists Vishal J. Singh, Vijay Xavier, vocalist Lamtsala Sangtam, pianist Jimmy Pitts. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

(l-r) Guitarists Vishal J. Singh, Vijay Xavier, vocalist Lamtsala Sangtam, pianist Jimmy Pitts. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

We can tell you straight-off that even though this project has avant-garde guitarist-producer Vishal J. Singh and Mumbai-based guitarist Vijay Xavier [formerly of prog-rock/metal band Multiple Personality Disorder], the only thing that’s metal about their first song together, “One Morning,” is the theme. Right from metallers like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, war has been a recurring theme. Add to that the talent of singer Lamtsala Sangtam from Nagaland-based world music/ folk-fusion act Purple Fusion, with Naga folk chants set to orchestral and electronic elements and you get “One Morning,” an Eighties prog-leaning song. Says Xavier, who wants to take the project live, “There are a total of nine songs [written] so far. There are different collaborators for music solos and vocals, but Vishal is part of all nine tracks, which are very different from each other.”

Listen to “One Morning”

 Download One Morning here [Right-click and save as]


“War Hero”

Against Evil

Against Evil. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Against Evil. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Meet Against Evil, the only heavy metal bands known to play originals in Vishakapatnam. Formed as recently as October 2014, Against Evil emulates the best of classic heavy-metal, keeping a steady riff and the occasional virtuoso-like guitar solo in the style of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Their new single “War Hero,” which is one of two war-themed tracks, deals with the psychological turmoil of soldiers. Their next single, “The Enemy Within,” is slated to release next month.

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Listen to “War Hero” below


Original Demo Recordings

Publicist UK

Artwork for Publicist UK.

Artwork for Publicist UK.

What do you get when you put together punk and metal veterans? A badass band named Publicist UK. Drummer Dave Witte from American crossover-thrash metal band Municipal Waste and Brett Bamberger, the bassist of thrash/technical death metal American band  Revocation got together with vocalist Zachary Lipez from punk band The Freshkills and guitarist David Obuchowski from American art-metal band Goes Cube in late 2013 to form Publicist UK. It’s Lipez and Obuchowski, who give Publicist UK an emotional, stripped down punk sound that explodes into a heavy space, like on “Never Gone to School.”  Says Obuchowski of their upcoming album, “When people hear the record, I think they’ll get a much truer sense of our ”˜sound’ than the two demos. There are some very heavy moments on the full length album.” Publicist UK take to stage at South By Southwest Festival this month, which is among their first live shows together. Adds the guitarist, “I’m expecting nightmarish traffic and parking. But otherwise, I’m expecting a hell of a good time.”

Listen to Publicist UK’s demo recordings below


“The Cliff”


Pelican. Photo: Courtesy of Southern Lord Records

Pelican. Photo: Courtesy of Southern Lord Records

For the second time in their 14-year career, American post-metal band Pelican have added vocals to their songs. They’ve re-imagined a song called “The Cliff,” from their 2013 album Forever Becoming with help from three different sets of collaborators, including drummer Aaron Harris and guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer from rock band Palms, singer Allen Epley [who contributed to the first Pelican song to include vocals, “Final Breath” in 2009] and guitarist-vocalist Justin Broadrick [from experimental band Jesu and industrial metallers Godflesh]. Among them, Epley’s vocal take of “The Cliff” reigns at being the sludgy Pelican every fan knows, with a fresh vocal element leading them.

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Listen to “The Cliff” below


Death Is Only The Beginning EP

Evil Conscience

Evil Conscience. Photo: Arpan Banerjee

Evil Conscience. Photo: Arpan Banerjee

The Kolkata technical death-metal band caught the attention of American metal label Slaughterhouse Records and released their debut five-track EP Death Is Only The Beginning to represent a new ‘tech-death-meets-slam’ edge in their local scene. While their song “Sweet Pleasure Butchery” was the perfect first taste, their entire EP is a treat to anyone who likes mind-bending technical guitar riffage with moshpit-ready breakdowns. While songs such as “Conspiracy Theory” and the title track clock in at an average of seven minutes, which might seem like an overdose, but they have better aim with “Mammoth Rivalry,” ringing with dissonant riffs and a vicious growl from Arunava Chakraborty.

Listen to the full EP below


“Gutter Moon”


Vola. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Vola. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The latest band to get hype from Germany’s Euroblast festival organizers and artist managers the Euroblast Collective are Danish experimental rock/metal band Vola, who mix everything epic about prog rock with everything heavy about prog metal. Take the best parts of a band like UK prog rockers Oceansize and throw in grooves like prog metallers Meshuggah with a sprinkle of synth and you get one monstrous recipe. Their single “Gutter Moon,” off their debut album Inmazes, is presented with a trippy animated video to boot. If you like cinematic experimental rock and metal, then check out the rest of the 10-track Inmazes, which released last month.

Listen to “Gutter Moon” below

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