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Sky Rabbit Frontman Raxit Tewari Releases Second Your Chin EP

A lyric video will also be launched for the track “Run Along Little One” from the new EP

Anurag Tagat Feb 03, 2014
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Raxit Tewari as Your Chin. Photo: Gautam Ruparel

Raxit Tewari as Your Chin. Photo: Gautam Ruparel

Mumbai band Sky Rabbit vocalist Raxit Tewari’s electro sideproject Your Chin, which started out in 2011, has as many fans as his main band. Tewari released a self-titled four-track EP in June 2012 and took the project live, juggling a guitar, controller and a laptop on stage at the annual crowdfunded gig Control ALT Delete in September 2012. Tewari has now released his second four-track EP, Scatter Nature. With synth lines and jumpy drum loops, the EP has been in the works since 2013.

“Run Along Little One” was the earliest composition on Scatter Nature, which was  streamed as a demo last year. Says Tewari, “These songs sprouted mostly during the last year and I kept working on them in my free time. Ayan [De, producer] and I started mixing it towards the end of the year.” De, who runs Midicore studio in Mumbai, also produced electro post punk band Sky Rabbit’s second release [Where EP] and mastered Your Chin’s debut eponymous EP. Tewari also worked on a video for “Run Along Little One,” which was uploaded right after the EP release. Says Tewari, “If nothing else, it’ll help you sing along.”

The last two years have been busy for Tewari and Sky Rabbit, who have had a steady flow of releases, from the Sky Rabbit debut in 2012, to the Your Chin EP and Where in 2013. Tewari promises that there will be more new material from both Sky Rabbit and Your Chin this year. Tewari adds, “There are also plans to do some writing outside of this city. That’s one thing I’ve never been able to do before.”

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Scatter Nature tracklist

1. “Fingerprints and Mughsots”

2. “Who Would Have Thought”

3. “Run Along Little One”

4. “For Love”

Buy Scatter Nature EP here.

Listen to Scatter Nature

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