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Song You Need to Know: BIBI, ‘The Weekend’

The South Korean R&B artist’s new release is perfect for lovers of dark pop and the supernatural

Riddhi Chakraborty Dec 15, 2021
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If it’s heady alternate R&B you’re looking to binge on, there’s no one better than South Korean singer-songwriter, BIBI. Right from her debut in 2019 with the single “Binu,” the 23-year-old has made it a goal to stand out in her country’s glimmering but vast hip-hop and R&B scene with a unique and deeply symbolic brand of artistry. Over the past three years, tracks like “Kazino,” “Bad Sad And Mad” plus her EP Life is a Bi… have cemented her as a rising star in the global music scene. Joining forces with hip-hop icon Tiger JK’s label Feel Ghood Music and (more recently) Asian-American powerhouse label 88rising, BIBI delivers top-notch, powerful takes on femininity, sexuality, independence and relationships.

Written by Dava and produced by Pink Slip and producer duo max & Kyle, BIBI’s December 6th release “The Weekend” is a delightful, dark pop-R&B blend that outlines being infatuated with someone who doesn’t reciprocate. She sings, “You only call me on the weekend/ You only love me when we freaking/ You got me jumping off the deep end.” BIBI blends playfulness with a tinge of anger to call out her partner for using her when it’s convenient for them: “Only free past midnight/ Туре of shit don’t sit right/ Rather be alone and get rich, oh.” The singer-songwriter also dropped an alternate version of “The Weekend,” featuring Canadian singer 347aidan, on December 10th.

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The music video for “The Weekend” is seductive, dark and a little playful, just like its lyrics. Drenched in red lighting, BIBI seduces a man at what seems to be a nightclub. As they dance, black lines begin appearing on her face, hinting that things are about to take a supernatural turn. As the couple kiss, BIBI’s eyes change color to reveal her status as some sort of demon. The camera blurs, a struggle ensues and BIBI is revealed to have consumed the man. The dark lines on her face recede, leaving behind her beautiful and seemingly innocent human form. There is one last twist at the end though, and the entire clip is a shining example of BIBI’s haunting but appealing artistry and attention to detail. 

“The Weekend” will be featured in 88rising’s upcoming Head In The Clouds 3 collaborative album. Last month, the artist made her debut at the label’s ‘Head in The Clouds’ music festival alongside fellow South Korean artists Tiger JK, CL, DPR, eaJ and more, as well as other Asian-American acts under 88rising like keshi, Joji, Rich Brian and NIKI. 

In addition to the main music video, BIBI also released a second clip featuring her walking through Seoul, donned in AR outfits created by digital designers from around the world. 

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