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Song You Need to Know: Do Hanse, ‘Take Over’

The South Korean rapper plays with high fashion, house music and androgyny on his fiery solo debut

Riddhi Chakraborty Oct 01, 2021
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South Korean group Victon’s bold rapper Do Hanse is an artist like no other. While his spitfire rap and sharp, elfin features have enraptured many since his group’s debut in 2016, it’s his latest solo endeavour that has truly unleashed the beast. The rapper and producer surprised fans and new audiences alike with the striking and powerful “Take Over,” the lead single off his debut EP Blaze which dropped on September 25th–also the day of Do’s 24th birthday. It marks not just a new point in life for him, but also an exciting chapter in songwriting and production by K-pop idols.

As the album’s title promises, Do sets fire to the K-pop scene with Blaze, offering everything from pop punk revival to tropical R&B within just six tracks. However the real shock to the system is “Take Over,” the lead single that blends EDM, androgyny, high fashion and attitude to tremendous results. Produced by PATEKO and Iamdl, “Take Over” builds a foundation of a thrumming bassline before seesawing between grimy blends of trap and electro. It finally makes a fascinating drop into sleek Nineties-style house right before the bridge to add a sense of elegance.

Do cruises over each switch up with a steady rap flow, and the precision of his verse delivery is staggering; he spits fire like a machine gun, using onomatopoeia and alliteration as bullets, a style that’s uniquely his and tremendously difficult to execute. Written by the artist himself, “Take Over” celebrates Do’s skills as a rapper, declaring, “And my flow is veteran/ When I spit I do it right/ I do it right from the start/ So I’m better than them.” He goes on to announce the dawn of a new era in K-pop as he states, “This game’s over I order my taste/ I got that third eye I’m bout to conquer/ Take note you’re gonna need this later/ Who’s Next? Me, So I TAKE OVER.”

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The music video is just as loud and confident as the track, throwing viewers into a dizzying world of neon and glitter where Do rules supreme. He cuts an ethereal figure with waist-length platinum blonde hair and an outrageously edgy wardrobe, flanked by four of South Korea’s most famous drag artists, Nana Youngrong Kim, Vita Mikju, Bambi and Serena. They vogue around the rapper as he performs the final verse, and the clip ends with him seated regally upon a white horse–the imagery brings to mind the idea of a knight, which suggests he’s ready to fight his way to the top of the rap game.

“Take Over” is one of the most stand-out solo debuts in the Korean music industry, packing a punch with its avant garde imagery, LGBTQ+ representation, and Do’s incredible confidence in himself and his talent. While the rapper is already a prominent songwriter in the scene thanks to his work with Victon, Blaze signals a brilliant new legacy of bold statements and unapologetic, self-produced, out-of-the-box artistry.

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