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Song You Need To Know: Heize, ‘Mother’

Accompanied by a minimalistic music video, Heize’s poignant single is nothing short of a heartfelt letter celebrating the beautiful bond a mother and daughter shares

Divyansha Dongre Mar 29, 2022

South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Heize

South Korean R&B star Heize is no stranger when it comes to penning down moving lyrics that soothe the soul– and in her latest digital single “Mother,” the singer-songwriter puts the wordsmith in her at work, penning down verses seeped in affection and admiration. 

“I need you mother” the vocalist pleads, as a mellow piano arrangement permeates the single, signaling its onset. Composed and written by Heize along with Shinae An, “Mother” is a touching ballad, expressing the desire to live in the shelter of comfort and hope that a mother provides. The relationship between a mother and a child comes in varying forms. While some may grow up in the absence of a mother figure entirely, others may grow up with an absent maternal figure who, despite being physically present, lacks in providing affection and comfort. However, in “Mother,” Heize comes from a place of respect, admiration and vulnerability, sharing the affection and respect she holds for her mother. 

The jewel of the record lies in its sincere lyricism and vocal performance. At first, the track comes off as a letter of gratitude and yearning a daughter holds for her mother: “I need you, mother/ Mother, mother/ I need someone.” However, as the track progresses, Heize navigates her listeners to the crux of the track-wanting to provide your mother the level of affection and care she’s selflessly provided all these years: “Even though you’re here/ I need you, mother/ But a mother also needs her mother.” This emotion is made particularly evident as the track advances from its second verse to the chorus; “You asked me to be your daughter again in the next life/ But no/ Let me be your mother.” 

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While the first half of the track discusses the various reasons why a daughter will always need her mother, the second half sees Heize wanting to reciprocate the love and affection. After all, a daughter-regardless of the roles she takes throughout her life-will always crave the solace of her mother; “Let me be your mother/ I would give you everything/ Just as you had done for me.”

Through a particularly empathetic vocal performance, Heize brings a child-like innocence and purity to the track, dialing up the track’s emotional landscape. Delicate and mellow, the vocalist embodies tenderness and purity, especially when she sings “Mother, mother” at the beginning of the track. There’s a sense of urgency, desperation and innocence in her articulation, reminiscent of how a young girl would cry for her mother in a crowd. Arranged over a sweet, rich piano melody, the stripped-down composition allows listeners to experience the vocal and lyrical beauty of the track.

Heize’s digital single “Mother” follows the singer-songwriter, rapper and producer’s 2021 EP HAPPEN. 

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