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Song You Need To Know: Jeff Satur, ‘Hide’

The Thai singer-songwriter and producer shows his affinity for soul in his brand new single

Riddhi Chakraborty May 19, 2022

Our favorite find this week is Thai singer-songwriter and producer Jeff Satur’s new single, “Hide.” Known for his angelic vocals and immaculate skills as a composer, Satur is a major emerging player in the Thai music industry and is winning international audiences over with his dreamy original soundtrack features for popular Thai dramas like Love Area: The Series, The Tuxedo and, most recently, KinnPorsche: The Series.

Composed by Satur, produced by BILLbilly01 and written by Chamil Arin and BABEPOOM, “Hide” is a hazy R&B track about dizzying, unrequited love. The lyrics outline a feeling of desperation that grows as the person you love moves further out of reach: “But the more I try, the more my hopes run dry/ The more I look at you, the more you look away/ I’m like a shadow that follows but my worth is zero.” 

Satur’s soaring vocals shine with the confident, glimmering R&B that builds the bones of “Hide,” while dashes of soul – thanks to his addition of bluesy guitar riffs – add an impressive level of detail to the entire production. The singer’s ad libs, breathy background harmonies and smooth falsettos take center stage, and are reminiscent of R&B greats like Maxwell and D’Angelo, thanks to the sheer brilliance of their execution. 

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The accompanying music video keeps things simple, with Satur performing the track alone as a spotlight shines on him. He adds smooth moments of choreography that mimic getting pushed and shoved to communicate the back-and-forth that goes on in a relationship. The last shot, however, is not to be missed; the scene shifts as Satur stands in the spotlight playing the concluding riffs of “Hide” on a guitar, weary but firm. In addition to being a musician, Satur is also an actor; he currently stars in the massively popular Thai BL show, KinnPorsche: The Series as a singer and mafia empire heir, Kim.

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