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‘Soundtrack #1’- A Story Of Slow-Burn Romance Between Two Friends

Director Kim Heewon’s upcoming rom-com K-drama, Soundtrack #1 is all about heartfelt romance, music, and lyrics

Debashree Dutta Feb 08, 2022

'Soundtrack #1' poster - Photo courtesy of Disney Plus

‘Han Sunwoo’ (Park Hyungsik), a freshman in photography, and ‘Seo Eunsoo’ (Han Sohee), a lyricist, have been friends for over two decades. While Han is gentle and kind, Seo is lively and straightforward. Their friendship transitions into love as the two begin to live under the same roof. Seo’s lyrical compositions are subtly infused with moments of their budding romance as the characters find themselves falling in love with each other.

One of the most interesting factors about Soundtrack #1 is its focus on music and the way it works to add to the feel of the show. Singers like SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun, Davichi, Park Boram, Kim Jongkook, and others of the like have been roped in for the OST’s. From Kyuhyun’s “Love Beyond Words”, Park Boram’s “Want to Be Happy”, Davichi’s “Your Tender Heart Hurts Me” to Kim Jongkook’s “My Love” and former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan’s “Talk to Me”, Soundtrack #1 is a romance-music-drama with a playlist of love ballads that beautifully addresses the situation of blossoming romance between Han and Seo.

Many would argue that a slow-burn romance between two friends is nothing more than a K-drama cliché. However, I believe it is a theme that often works well. Friends, after all, are the best mind readers, confidantes to each other who can easily help one another by toning down pent-up emotions. That is probably why friends make the best of lovers. Hopefully, Soundtrack #1 will give us a realistic depiction of this.

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