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South Korean Rapper Coogie Signs With AOMG

The news is accompanied by a music video for the rapper’s latest single “Goodnight” featuring South Korean rapper BE’O

Divyansha Dongre Jan 24, 2022

Days after an intriguing series of teaser photographs and videos, South Korean R&B and hip-hop label AOMG has announced Coogie as the latest addition to their roster. 

Debuting in 2018, Coogie rose to fame after his appearance on the South Korean talent series Show Me The Money and has been a fan-favorite in the Korean hip-hop space with several notable collaborations and records to his name. These include his work as a featuring artist on producer and fellow labelmate GRAY’s GRAYGROUND and Punchello’s Demon Youth, both of which were featured on Rolling Stone India’s 2021 Best Ever Lists. 

His arrival at AOMG was marked with the release of the single album RE: UP. Co-written by the rapper alongside featuring artist BE’O, Chrli, DAX and GRAY (who also plays the role of a producer on the track), the album’s lead single, “Feelin’ It” can largely be characterized as a rhythmic hip-hop track, rooted in chill synth atmosphere with mellow guitar notes echoing in the background. The breezy composition offers new listeners a chance to familiarize themselves with Coogie’s rap style and flow, helping them get a taste of what the rapper will offer under the new label.

Accompanied by a music video, the single sees Coogie and BE’O ruminate over lost love and self-growth: “Too many unsolved problems/ Haunting me like satellite/ Meet you when I’m on the next level/ You can stay around as long as you want/ I need more time alone.” While the chilling effects of loneliness are largely acknowledged, Coogie refrains from acting out of those feelings, choosing to move on “I think about you but I won’t call back/ Sorry it’s so hard to be these days/ It will be a while/ Now I got no time to love.”

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In the B-side single, “Beat ’em up,” the rapper flips the sentiments around, opting for a harsh and blunt mood board. Following the aftermath of a remorseful relationship, it seems like the grief worked in the rapper’s favor– making him a better version of himself. The beats transcend into heavier, punchier realms, matching his fiery rap delivery: “Now I’m on the next level/ You were never really my type/ Girls say I’m cute/ But don’t get on my nerves.”

This news of Coogie’s signing comes weeks after AOMG’s founder and eminent rapper-producer Jay Park announced that he will be stepping down as the CEO of both AOMG and H1GHER Music, the latter of which he co-founded alongside producer and longtime friend Cha Cha Malone.


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