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Space Behind The Yellow Room Plot Debut Release

The Bengaluru post rock band’s five-track concept album marks the transition to a heavier sound

Anurag Tagat Apr 18, 2014
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Bengaluru post-rock/space rock band Space Behind The Yellow Room.

Bengaluru post-rock/space rock band Space Behind The Yellow Room last year

Ever since election season began with the start of polling for the General Elections across India, everyone from Delhi reggae band The Ska Vengers to Bengaluru-based singer Suraj Mani [formerly of prog rock band Motherjane] made political commentary through song. However, Bengaluru post rock band Space Behind the Yellow Room talk about abuse of power on their yet-to-be-titled debut album in a manner that leaves it to open to interpretation.

Says the band’s drummer and vocalist Shoumik Biswas, “It’s about the reformation of the animal kingdom, before humans. It’s an analogy for the misuse of power.” Space Behind The Yellow Room, who have been releasing singles ever since they formed in 2012, are currently finishing tracking drums at Bengaluru’s Audio Academy with sound engineer Niranjan Shivaram. Says Biswas, “There’s still guitar and bass left. We’re tracking at home on a simple home studio set up, but that’s just the clean tracks.” With the five-track album slated to be completed over the summer, Biswas says the album features more raw, roomy sounds with a hint of post-metal influences such as American metal band Isis. The drummer adds, “More than a genre, the band’s sound is about ideas that show up all the time. We’ve gone from space-ish rock to post-metal and that can change later as well.” Another change was the addition of new bassist Eshaan Sood last month, after the band’s original bassist Tushar Ganguly returned to Kolkata after completing his studies in Bengaluru.

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Although the band is recording their album in Bengaluru, they will record one song, “Outburst of Acceptance,” in Mumbai as finalists at the band competition Road To Converse Rubber Tracks India, where they will also perform on April 19th. Space Behind the Yellow Room, who were judged as finalists from Bengaluru, are on the same bill as  Delhi indie rock band Frisky Pints, Chennai electro rock band The F16s, Kolkata pop rock band Ganesh Talkies and Mumbai alt rock band Spud In The Box, who were all selected for the final round of Road to Converse Rubber Tracks in India. Although winning the contest would mean flying to New York to record tracks, Biswas doesn’t want to treat the band’s Mumbai gig as a competition. Says Biswas, “I don’t want to be competing against the likes of The F16s and Ganesh Talkies. That comes across as disrespectful, so we’re just there to play the gig.”

Space Behind the Yellow, The F16s, Spud In The Box, Frisky Pints, Ganesh Talkies, Pangea, The Superfuzz and Zero perform at the Road to Converse Rubber Tracks on April 19th, 2014 at Richardson & Cruddas, Mumbai, from 5pm onwards. Entry: Free. Event details here.

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