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‘Mind in Disguise’

Three stars


Neha Sharma Jan 20, 2009
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Tight! Tight! Tight! Drawing from the most favoured compliment metal heads like to confer upon a good band ”“ this is a very tight band. From start to finish nothing is off or misplaced; every note and drum roll is timed to perfection with deft precision. ”˜Minds in Disguise’ raises hell, stalls for a slice of heaven, then goes back to realising the devil. Spitfire kneads an alloy of death metal and nu-metal working a legit case for themselves on sound. It’s the grating growls, grimy rhythm sections and spiffy guitar lines/solos complementing verse for verse. Midway, brief respite from the rage streams in, the guitar thunder dissolves into one melodious guitar line with the vocalist’s crooning alter ego stepping up for a bit. Though not as ingenuous as one would like it to be, these guys are armed and skilful but need to work up phenomenal tracks which will set them apart.

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