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Spotify Singles Launches in India with DJ Snake and Dhee Recreating ‘Enjoy Enjaami’

The runaway Tamil hit composed by rapper Arivu and produced by Santhosh Narayanan and gets a dancefloor-friendly remake from the French artist

Rolling Stone India Jun 29, 2021

DJ Snake and Dhee. Photos: Courtesy of Spotify India

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In a joint media interaction to announce their collaboration, France’s dance music star DJ Snake aka William Grigahcine and India-based, Sri Lankan Tamil singer Dhee signaled that their reworking on “Enjoy Enjaami” was just the start.

The socially conscious Tamil hit produced by Santhosh Narayanan – which released on A.R. Rahman co-founded label/platform maajja earlier this year and garnered millions of streams – is the first Indian song for the Spotify Singles program. Released via Spotify on World Music Day on June 21st, the remix has already got over a million streams, even as the Internet questioned composer-rapper Arivu’s omission as an active collaborator from the project.

Although there’s no official word on it – and Arivu even tweeted about the new version – DJ Snake was more than happy to hop on the track and discover artists like Dhee. Pointing out to how he grew up with a South Indian-origin friend in Paris, the electronic music producer’s intention was always to unify. “Politicians divide people, we bring people together,” he says.

His bent towards seeking more cultural experiences have often taken the DJ to different parts of the world, where he claims several international artists don’t have an interest to visit. “There are some parts of the world… nobody’s talking about them, no one’s going there for shows. But I know as an artist I like to do parties and concerts in smaller countries that nobody goes to, just to show love, instead of just Europe and U.S.,” he says.

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The Spotify Singles program’s arrival in India will likely mark more exclusive deals between the streaming giant and Indian artists. Internationally, the release series has put up live studio renditions of hit songs as well as covers, while other singles are similar to “Enjoy Enjaami”; a re-recorded version of the artists’ existing song. “I am so excited about being the first artist from India to be a part of the Spotify Singles program and that too for my debut independent single,” Dhee said in a press statement. The artist is also slated to launch her debut English language album via maajja later this year.

Other “global collaborations” featured as part of Spotify Singles include Atlanta hip-hop artist SahBabii with Japan-bred singer-songwriter Joji on “Gates to the Sun” in 2020 and star crooner Celine Dion and American artist Chris Isaak leading the latter’s hit “Wicked Game.”

As for Dhee and DJ Snake, the Frenchman says he’s already found his favorite Indian artist. “We have a diamond here. Hopefully we’re gonna keep working on new stuff. She’s talented, she deserves to be number one. Hopefully when everything goes back to normal, I come down to India,” the DJ adds.

Listen to “Enjoy Enjaami” by DJ Snake with Dhee ft Arivu, Santhosh Narayanan below.

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