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Spud In The Box To Debut New Songs Tonight

Plan to release four-track EP next month

Rolling Stone India Sep 25, 2012
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Photo: Parizad D

Mumbai band Spud In The Box (SITB) may have arrived on the music scene barely a year ago, but ahead of their gig tonight, they are ready with a set list that belies their fresher status. “We will be playing about 15-16 originals at Blue Frog today,” says Rohan Rajadhyaksha, vocalist and keyboardist of the six-piece pop rock band. The band also comprises Ankit Dayal (vocals and guitar), Vivaan Kapoor (drums), Hartej Sawhney (guitar), Siddharth Talwar (guitar) and Zubin Bhathena (bass).

The teenagers tell us how they manage to stay on top of the game. “We study and give exams in the morning, practise in the afternoon and play gigs at night,” says Rajadhyaksha. The band that recently performed an acoustic set at Liberty Cinema, have been together since 2010, but made their debut on the gigging circuit only in November 2011. “A lot of people saw us at Live From The Console. But not many know that it was the first gig we played with this lineup,” he adds.

The six of them are also prepping for their half-hour slot at the crowd-funded gig  for Control Alt Delete on September 30th at Elphinstone Road’s new music venue, Sitara Studios. “We will definitely play ”˜54’ that features on Stupiditties 666. It’s going to be a pretty loud set since there will be lots of great bands and we want to get heard,” says Rajadhyaksha, adding that his band’s chemistry has become much stronger since the last year. “We have matured a lot as a band,” he feels.

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Showcasing this maturity is their upcoming four-track EP, comprising existing songs such as “Attention Please,” “Train Of Thought,” “Lens Life” and “More Than Once”. “It represents our evolved sound, unlike our early work that is online. These songs roughly cover the spectrum of music we offer,” says Rajadhyaksha, “We recently recorded it at Yash Raj Studios, and it should be out within a month.” SITB will perform all tracks off the EP at tonight’s gig.

The audience at Blue Frog can also look out for “Highs and Lows,” a new track and a fresh version of “Institute Of Madness,” the acoustic of which has been doing the rounds online for a while now. “We find the meaning of our songs long after they are written, so right now we can’t say what they are about,” says Rajadhyaksha sounding rather cryptic about their songwriting.

One thing he does reveal is that singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma will join them for a song tonight. “There’s another surprise artist, but we can’t tell you the name right now. You’ll have to come and see for yourself,” he adds.

 Spud In The Box will perform at Blue Frog, Mumbai, 10 pm onwards. Entry Rs 300

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