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Sridhar/Thayil Return To Gig After Year-Long Hiatus

The group has three shows lined up in the last week of March

Megha Mahindru Mar 26, 2013
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Sridhar/Thayil Photo: Vinit Bhat

Sridhar/Thayil at their debut album STD’s launch at Blue Frog, Mumbai Photo: Vinit Bhatt

Sridhar/Thayil are known to bring drama to stage with each performance. The Mumbai/Delhi band has been M.I.A since they launched their 2012 album STD last April, but when they return this week, fans can expect a generous dose of the unexpected. “Just have no expectations and if you do, they will be dashed to the ground,” says Jeet Thayil, guitarist and one half of the genre-bending duo.

The band took a break last year when Thayil got busy with promoting his debut novel, Narcopolis, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize in 2012. “I wasn’t in the country and have been touring with the book for a year. In fact, I haven’t been able to stay in one city for a long time. Suman too was in the US, touring. So the last three days Suman, Tala and I have been in the studio and when the three of us get together, something crazy and new is bound to happen,” he says.

For their upcoming gig, the duo will be joined by Tala Faral on saxophone and keys and Vaibhav Waivikar on drums and percussion. Talking about their 90-minute set at Blue Frog today, Thayil says, “It will be completely different from our electric, commercial sound. It’s a whole new incarnation of the band with spoken word, a lot of improvisation and free jazz. It’s a whole new sound, even though we are doing a couple of songs from the old setlist, it’s going to be an acoustic, spoken word, electro jazz and godknowswhat sound.” Vocalist Suman Sridhar, who has been performing as a solo artist lately, will also get some alone time on stage. “When I slip out to drink some wine,” says Thayil, “But otherwise, we will all perform in a seamless way as a band.”

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Thayil, who is currently working on his second novel, Sex Lives Of The Saints, which is based on a character [Newton Xavier] from Narcopolis told online radio channel, Radio 79 Delhi, in a recent interview: “This book does with sex what Narcopolis does with drugs.” However, the duo confirms that they are back into the gigging circuit. “Gigging is back. Sridhar /Thayil is a beast that changes frequently and takes long hibernation, but will remain till we two exist,” adds Thayil.

Listen to Thayil talk about discovering melatonin, working with Suman Sridhar and why busking won’t work in India in an interview with online radio channel, Radio 79 Delhi, here:


STill Tour: Sridhar/Thayil perform at Blue Frog, Mumbai on March 26th, Entry Rs 350; Blue Frog, Delhi  feat Stefan Kaye on March 28th, Entry Rs 350;  Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival on March 30th, Donor cards for Rs 5,500  


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