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Steven Wilson Announces India Shows

The prog artist and frontman of UK prog rock band Porcupine Tree will return to India with his solo project in October this year

Rolling Stone India May 10, 2016
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Steven Wilson live with Porcupine Tree at IIT Mood Indigo in Mumbai. Photo: Bobin James

Steven Wilson live with Porcupine Tree at IIT Mood Indigo in Mumbai. Photo: Bobin James

After a few years of talks and promises, prog rock veteran Steven Wilson has announced plans for shows in India at the end of October. Wilson, the frontman and founding member of UK prog rock band Porcupine Tree, announced in a social media post yesterday about shows in India, Australia and New Zealand at the end of October. Specific dates and cities are yet to be confirmed. 

Wilson last played in India for Porcupine Tree’s only show in the country at cultural festival Mood Indigo in 2009 at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He released his latest EP 4½ earlier this year, as a stop-gap release between his 2015 full-length Hand. Cannot. Erase. and his upcoming fifth album, which Wilson mentions he will begin recording at the end of the year.

Wilson hinted in an exclusive interview earlier this year that his management and him were trying hard for an India show to promote his solo project and play his signature audio-visual live set. “I’m always asking my manager and my agent ”˜When am I going to India, when am I going to India?’ and they’re trying, believe me, they’re trying. But the problem is my show is quite elaborate””I have screens, I have quadraphonic sound, I have films”¦ That’s been the problem, I think. It’s been an expensive show to bring, and I think some of the promoters in India have been concerned about the cost of bringing my show. And I understand that. But listen, I’m still very optimistic, I’m almost positive it must be this year, it’s got to be!”

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