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Stream: Hoirong’s New EP ‘Nursery Lies’

Delhi-based noise/lo-fi rock artist Kamal Singh has just released a new seven-track EP

Rolling Stone India Mar 24, 2014
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Kamal Singh

Kamal Singh

A two-year-old may not know its lo-fi from punk rock, but it sure knows its nursery rhymes. Delhi lo-fi/noise rock artist Kamal Singh aka Hoirong has released a seven-track EP comprising renditions of popular nursery rhymes for his daughter Myrah, who turns two today. Says Singh, who started recording the songs last year, “I knew she would start listening to all this [nursery rhymes] or even be asked to listen to them.”

Simply titled Nursery Lies, the EP includes catchy punk versions of everything from “Baba Black Sheep” to “Jack and Jill.”  Singh says his daughter likes some of his music, which includes his debut album The Resurrection of the Princess of Woe and Her Vampire Hound Posse [March 2013] and A Hoirong Christmas EP from December last year, but adds that “Bollywood [music] is stronger than anything I try to do.” Singh says that the last song his daughter got hooked to was Japanese metal band Baby Metal’s viral song “Gimme Choco.”

The new EP’s release is well timed since Hoirong’s second live gig takes place at Turquoise Cottage on March 27th, but Singh says he’ll prefer to stick to playing from his debut album. The live lineup of Hoirong, who debuted last month, will begin writing new material together soon, according to Singh, who adds, “I’m looking to release another album and that will definitely have the other guys in it.”

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While his daughter is yet to listen to the EP, Singh’s own favorite is “Mary.” Nursery Lies will be available for download on OKListen this week. 

Stream Nursery Lies below

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