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Stream: ‘Stay’ by B.R.E.E.D

The Mumbai/L.A. artist promos track from his upcoming album, Binate, slated to release next month

Rolling Stone India Aug 30, 2013
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Once a staple on the gig calendar, Ritesh D’ Souza, [commercial music fans will know him as DJ Nasha] has been lying low since February this year, when he moved to the US. With his self-imposed break from Bollywood dance mixes, the electronica artist has found time to work on B.R.E.E.D, the dubstep project that he launched in 2010. “I have so much of time on hand right now that I have been just banging tunes out. After my latest album, I just finished remixes for Sizzla, Delhi 2 Dublin and Indubious and I am already working on my next EP. Things are moving really fast,” says D’Souza in an email interview.

The artist has just wrapped up work on his new album, Binate, which will release on San Francisco label, Muti Music, this September. Says the dance music producer about his latest LP: “Binate means ”˜yolked together’ and a coming of the soul with the digital side. As you will hear, a lot of the tracks have soulful vocal tracks laced with piano and strings but also have that funk-hop, low-end element to it.” D’Souza came up with “drumstep” [“I call drumstep the bastard child of hiphop and drum & bass,” he explains] when his EP Incu-Bass came out in 2011. And though his latest release features only one drumstep track, it has more “funk-hop”. 

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His nine-track album, which features pitched-down samples, live violin and even some acid funk, also sees D’Souza’s long-time collaborator and wife, Tara Mae. “I had a lot of half written tunes and some with my wife Tara, who has also worked on all the piano lines on the album. I did some vocal parts where you can’t figure it’s me and Tara’s voice is also in there.” he says.

D’Souza is offering fans a sneak peek into his latest album with the track “Stay,” which he calls a “soul-motion funk track“ with pitched down vocals, piano and strings. “It’s still dance-y but one can also sit and chill to it. I am working on a VIP remix of it already, something more banging,” says D’Souza about the featured track. 

Check out “Stay” here: 


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