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Submarine In Space Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for New Album

The New Delhi instrumental jazz-rock outfit’s forthcoming record is entitled ‘F5’

David Britto Apr 01, 2022

Submarine In Space. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Four years on since their debut album Wavelengths, New Delhi instrumental jazz-rock band Submarine in Space are now gearing up for their sophomore record F5. Following the first album, the group have gone through a couple of lineup changes with keyboardist Vatsal Bakhda and drummer Dimpal Kumar joining the band alongside guitarist Abhishek Mittal, bassist Madhur Chaudhary and violinist-flautist Sayan Sinha.

With F5 the band have decided to crowdfund the project. Mittal says, “In order for us to reach out to international audiences we require a massive fund for marketing in international countries.” The guitarist explains that to run a month-long campaign to market their music abroad, they would need to shell out ₹60,000. He says, “We are doing this because we want our fans to experience what goes on into making an instrumental album from scratch to finish and we want to represent Indian culture globally.”

Submarine In Space’s goal for their crowdfunding campaign is to generate ₹12,00,000. “This budget will help us to carry out the production on an international level. “To keep things raw, we are recording this album live with an audience,” says Mittal. The band will record at Ganga Studio in Film City in May. They’ve also come up with a reward system for backers and plan on giving away merch, hosting pre-listening parties and sharing tickets for folks to witness them track the album.

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“We have labeled our supporters based on the ranks in the navy. To give you an example, a Lieutenant is someone who contributes ₹1,500 and an admiral is someone who contributes ₹30,000,” says Mittal.

Coming to the album itself, F5 is set to include five songs and is inspired by the function key on a computer keyboard, which acts as a refresh button. “The album lays emphasis on refresh and solitude. Pretty much how we were all in solitude in COVID times but are now in refresh mode trying to rebuild what we have lost,” says the guitarist.

The band are working with Mumbai/Auckland guitarist Warren Mendonsa aka Blackstratblues on the record. “I have always looked up to him as the guy who inspired me to find expression in the guitar and it’s a big milestone for us that he has agreed to produce, mix and master the album.” The band have also tapped one half of New Delhi fusion duo Shadow and Light, keyboardist Anindo Bose to help with the recording session.

While the band are planning to drop a first taste of the album in July, they are working towards stretching out the release over six months in a piecemeal fashion. Mittal says, “This way we have enough time to reach out to listeners not only in India but the whole world.” He adds, “Crowdfunding an album requires a lot of planning, especially when you are entering the global market. I am proud of the fact that even after multiple lineup changes we are still sticking to the vision of taking our music international.”

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Contribute to Submarine In Space’s crowdfunding campaign here.


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