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‘Suede Gully’: The Multilingual Collaboration

Divine, Prabh Deep, Madurai Souljour and Khasi Bloodz join forces on a new track

Rolling Stone India Nov 04, 2017

Tamil hip-hop group Madurai Souljour

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With India being a country filled with diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as languages, the upcoming “Suede Gully” collaboration is one that showcases the country’s different lingual aspects. The collaborative effort will witness the likes of Mumbai rapper Divine, New Delhi hip-hop artist Prabh Deep, Tamil hip-hop group Madurai Souljour and Shillong-based rap group Khasi Bloodz work together on the new song.

The track will witness Divine add his fiery Hindi style of rapping while Prabh Deep offers Punjabi verses that pack a strong punch. Indian rappers are always pushing the boundaries and redefining how rap as an art form fits into the cultural context of the country.

Madurai Souljour will add their blend of Tamil into the song and Khasi Bloodz will showcase their Khasi approach to rap which is redefining artistic expression. These four different styles, sounds and languages coming together effortlessly in one single track is going to make for a feisty and epic collaboration.

“Suede Gully” was created to celebrate India through hip-hop’s lens. The artists participating in the collaboration came together to lend their voices to a culture that allows them to embrace tradition and love for their cities. Indian hip-hop has grown heaps and bounds in the last few years and will only get bigger as time goes by.

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“Suede Gully” is not only about music but also other art forms like dance and art creations. The music video features Mumbai dancer Mukti Mohan, dance crews such as Unity Crew, Unity One, Black Ice Crew and Beast Mode Crew. Artists like Shilo Shiv Suleman, Anpu, Indian Artists and Baadal Nanjundaswamy will showcase larger than life art creations.

“Suede Gully” will premiere on November 5th, 2017.

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