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Sulk Station Debut In Mumbai

The Bengaluru electronica duo inaugurates the first of the BBQ Sun Sessions at Bonobo

Anurag Tagat Feb 20, 2013
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The last time Sulk Station played a daylight set was at the M.A.D. festival in Ooty in 2012. But Rahul Giri, one half of the Bengaluru electronica duo, says “It was quite cloudy and darkish in the day, and we really liked the place anyway so it went down well.” Their next day time gig is also their debut gig in Mumbai. And though it is inside a restobar, Giri is optimistic that the timing won’t affect the vibe of an electronica set. “It’s not broad daylight, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem,” says Giri of their 5.30 pm show.

It’s been a year since Sulk Station’s debut album Till You Appear released, but the duo hasn’t taken their music to many other cities. Apart from a Delhi launch gig in May and an invitation to perform at World Event Young Artists festival in Nottingham,UK in September in last year, Sulk Station has mostly played the odd gig in Bengaluru.

Giri attributes it in part to their style of “mellowdramatic pop,” adding: “It could have been because of the kind of music we make – moody downtempo electronica which is not dance floor friendly, at least not in the conventional sense. We did knock a few doors. There were some tentative inquiries as well, but nothing concrete came about and after a while I just stopped looking.”

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Sulk Station’s setlist will include tracks from their debut and two new tracks “Stranger” and “Suppressed.” “Plus a few songs that are still being developed”¦raw versions of them [will be performed at the gig],” adds vocalist Tanvi Rao, who is nominated for best female vocalist for the Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards 2012. “Suppressed” will make it onto their next release, which maybe a full length album or an EP. “It’s too early to say what it will sound like. The overall vibe will be the same though – dark, hazy, atmospheric,” says Giri. Rao adds the new release won’t include “Stranger” that was dropped from Till You Appear two weeks before its release.

The Bengaluru-based electronica group is on the bill with Lifafa [ambient/glitch-hop side project of Suryakant Sawhney of psychedelic rock band Peter Cat Recording Co.] and electronica/house/techno Wild City DJ Munbir Chawla aka Moniker when they perform in Delhi this week. Their Mumbai gig will include supporting DJ sets from Chawla and Eng. aka Kunal Lodhia, summertime house DJ from design collective WeThePpl.

Sulk Station, Lifafa and Moniker [Wild City DJ] play at Cocaine, New Delhi on February 22nd. Entry free. Event details here.

Wild City & WeThePpl Sun Sessions – BBQ #1 ft Sulk Station, Moniker [Wild City DJ] and Eng. [WeThePpl DJs] play at Bonobo, Mumbai on February 24th, from 2pm onwards. Entry free. Details here.

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