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Sulk Station


Rolling Stone India Sep 12, 2013
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Sulk station in London

Sulk Station is an electronica/trip hop duo from Bengaluru formed by Rahul Giri [samples] and Tanvi Rao [vocals]. Formed in 2009, their music is a blend of electronic music genres like IDM and glitch-hop with hints of Indian classical. Their self-released 2012 album, Till You Appear, met with positive reviews praising Rao’s vocals and the duo’s dark soundscapes inspired by downtempo. While Rao was nominated for the Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards 2012, Giri was named as the number one producer to watch out for in 2013 by webzines Wild City and Border Movement. Their first international performance was at the World Event Young Artists festival, Nottingham, UK in 2012. Some of their influences range from British trip-hop group Massive Attack to Estonian classical composer Arvo Part. 

Listen to Sulk Station’s debut album, Till You Appear, below

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