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Sum 41

[Two stars]
Screaming Bloody Murder

Jon Dolan Apr 05, 2011
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You probably haven’t paid much attention to Sum 41 since their 2001 bubblegum punk hit ”˜Fat Lip.’ Keep doing that. On subsequent discs, frontman Deryck Whibley has aspired to depth outside his skill set. 2004’s Chuck was inspired by war in the Congo; the band’s newest seems touched by a lesser holocaust, Whibley’s 2010 divorce from Avril Lavigne. “Take the pictures off the wall/Erase the thoughts, forget them all,” he sings. Whibley cleans out his soul closet over operatic hard rock, rain-swept balladry and bad Green Day opera punk ”“ often crammed into the same song. If he’s trying to show breakups are arduous, it worked.

Key Tracks: ”˜Reason to Believe,’ ”˜Sick of Everyone’

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