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The Superfuzz Return To Play Live In Delhi This Week

The Delhi garage rock band regroups after six years and joins a host of Delhi bands such as Lifafa, Hoirong and Begum for a rooftop gig

Anurag Tagat Feb 27, 2014
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The Superfuzz in 2008. Photo: Laxman Anand

The Superfuzz in 2008. Photo: Laxman Anand

In 2007, a year before Delhi garage rock band The Superfuzz disbanded, they smashed their way through a two-hour set at the famed Razzberry Rhinoceros club in Mumbai. There were over 20 songs, including the set staples “School,” “Traitors and Foolish Friends,” “What I Really Think” and “4 Times and Once After.” Seven years on, the Superfuzz, comprising vocalist-guitarist Sanchal Malhar, bassist Nikhil Rufus Raj and drummer Aditya Paharia, is all set to bring their never-released songs back to stage at a rooftop gig on March 1st in Delhi.

One of the main reasons the Superfuzz, who formed in 2002, broke up in 2008 was due to drummer Paharia’s work commitments. Malhar, who went on to form psychedelic prog rock band The Indigo Children with Rufus the same year, says the Superfuzz started jamming together again in January this year. Says Malhar, “Our drummer was out of the country working with an accounting firm since 2008. But he’s done with that and is now back in India.” The three members decided to play live when they were invited by members of Delhi psychedelic rock band Peter Cat Recording Co. to their penthouse rooftop in Hauz Khas. Says Malhar, “We jammed on Lohri night [in January] and it sounded really awesome. I didn’t know you could and have the drums so loud and not bother anyone.”

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For their set, there are at least 20 songs from the Superfuzz catalog. Says Malhar, “Maybe we’ll play a few White Stripes songs as well. Probably ”˜Black Math’.” The band also has a few new songs, written by Malhar. Says Malhar, “I’ve been writing Superfuzz songs for the longest time, but without Aditya around, I didn’t know what to do with them. But yeah, we’ve still got a couple of sleazy songs about girls. I can’t wait, because it’s been about five years since it’s all punk rock and screaming your head off.”

In addition to the Superfuzz reunion, Malhar is also working on new material for Indigo Children, including a new single slated to release in April. Indigo Children had a relatively quiet year after their drummer Sahil Mendiratta developed a back problem in mid-2013 and had a change in band management. Malhar says both The Superfuzz and Indigo Children will be more active on the gig circuit. The frontman adds, “If these guys [in Superfuzz] keep saying yes, then we’ll keep playing gigs. It’s always fun, and always was fun.”

The Superfuzz, Lifafa, Hoirong, Begum, Nice Weather For Ducks perform at the PCRC Penthouse Party on March 1st, 2014, 7pm onwards at Building 87, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. Entry: Free.

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Watch the Superfuzz’s music video for “4 Times and Once After”

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