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The Supersonics To Launch New Album ‘Heads Up’

The Kolkata rockers are also shooting a music video for the song “In The Dark,” off their 10-track album, out next month

Rolling Stone India Jul 23, 2014
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The Supersonics. Photo: Shiv Ahuja

The Supersonics. Photo: Shiv Ahuja

Kolkata rock band The Supersonics’ frontman Ananda Sen is a little keyed up when we ask him about their second album, Heads Up. He says, “Either we’ll get murdered or people will say, ”˜This is not too bad’.” Sen adds that the band got back together after their split in 2012 with the single-minded purpose of making a new album, a follow-up to Maby Baking, their debut album released in 2009.

The Supersonics went into Blooperhouse Studios in Kolkata earlier this year with producer Miti Adhikari and the resultant effort is 10 tracks of catchy, upbeat rock ”˜n roll. The band also roped in Mumbai pop rock band The Mavyns’ keyboardist/vocalist Vivek Nair, who contributed on songs such as “Strawberry,” “Even When The Sun Don’t Shine” and “Heads Up.” Nair and Sen originally met in Goa last year to write material for the latter’s solo project, including “Even When The Sun Don’t Shine.”

In terms of writing lyrics, Sen has previously mentioned that the songs on Heads Up are much more personal but “streamlined to protect himself,” (we think he means not let his guard down) and not necessarily dark. Says Sen, “I’m not a 21-year-old now, so I’m a little sorted in my life.” Even a song with a title like “Into The Dark,” which the band has shot a music video for, is a positive song. Says Sen, “It’s about how you go into the dark and return as a new self.”

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Heads Up is slated to release in the first week of August, with a multi-city launch tour in the works. Unlike Maby Baking, The Supersonics are releasing their new album independently, preferring not to rely on any labels. But there’s nothing indie about the music or the lyrics. Says Sen, “We didn’t want to make an oppressed indie record, you know? It’s not all of us just moaning about indie or anything.”


Heads Up tracklist:

1. Come Around

2. Strawberry

3. Into The Dark

4. Even When The Sun Don’t Shine

5. It’s Alright

6. On The Floor

7. Why Do I?

8. Evil Fly

9. To The Mall

10. Heads Up

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