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Suraj Mani Heads North with the Tattva Trip This Month

The Bengaluru-based acoustic/folk rock artist to play three shows in Delhi NCR

Rolling Stone India Jan 17, 2016
Suraj Mani

Suraj Mani

Last month, Suraj Mani, the Bengaluru-based singer and former frontman of Kochi prog rock band Motherjane, cleared out his office conference room to host an intimate gig with his band, The Tattva Trip [also the name of his 2012 solo album]. While there have been a rotating cast of members in the band, including flautist Parth Chandiramani who plays with The Raghu Dixit Project, the gig included a straight-up rock setup of guitars, drums and bass. Mani’s signature vocal range was on display on songs such as “Mahabali” and Motherjane’s “Chasing the Sun.”

Now comprising guitarist Naveen Thomas [from Bengaluru rockers Galeej Gurus], bassist Dinkar Nayak and drummer John Melvin, The Tattva Trip are playing three shows in Delhi and Gurgaon between January 20th and 23rd. Mani says this is the first time the band is heading out north, but doesn’t think there’s any aversion to South Indian-flavored music. He adds, “That’s because I’ve always found that the indie rock scene is pretty open to any kind of original music irrespective of language and genre. I think the people who are into indie are essentially those of us who like to hear real musicians on stage as opposed to mime artists posturing to recorded tracks.”

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The band’s setlist will include material from The Tattva Trip - songs like “Mahabali” and “Mona” which have recently featured on Mani’s second stint for performance video series Music Mojo as well as Motherjane compositions. He adds, “Other than that, The Tattva Trip is going to be coming out with fan videos, private performances, interviews and yes, lots of songs.”

Suraj Mani and the Tattva Live: 

January 20th, 2015 ”“ Matchbox, New Delhi [Event details here]

January 22nd, 2015 ”“ Farzi Café, Gurgaon

January 23rd, 2015 ”“ Sandys Bar and Kitchen, Gurgaon [Event details here]

Watch Suraj Mani and the Tattva Trip perform “Mahabali” on Music Mojo 


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