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Surat Singer-Songwriter Jhanvi Soni Drops Hypnotic New Song ‘Underwater’

This is the musician’s third single release

David Britto Feb 26, 2021

Surat-based singer-songwriter Jhanvi Soni. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

After training herself as a vocalist, Surat-based singer-songwriter Jhanvi Soni began covering a lot of artists to improve her skills. However, when she felt she wasn’t doing justice to the covers, Soni started writing her own music. By not sounding like her heroes, the artist found her own voice and released her magnificent debut single “You Ain’t Perfect” last year. Soni followed that up with this year’s playful “A Dog’s Life” and is now out with her latest offering, the entrancing “Underwater.”

The singer-songwriter tells us that she wrote the new song at her lowest point in life. She says, “Not knowing where I would end up as every indie artist who is just starting out would feel.” While the song begins with dark lyrics, it moves into more positive territory as the track concludes. “There is always darkness before the dawn,” says Soni. She adds, “This song is a journey through tough times and shaping yourself beyond the self-doubts and regrets.”

While the musician counts “Underwater” as a “step-up” in her songwriting process, her proficient vocals definitely stand out alongside haunting guitar plucking aided by piano parts as well as a tabla beat and electronic elements. “The mixture of tabla and the beats makes a perfect blend of uncertainty,” she says. Soni recorded the track at Surat’s Mortar Sound Studio and it was produced by Biju Nambiar and mixed and mastered by Lucky Sharma.

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With a quirky visual already out to support the new track, Soni is currently at the peak of her creativity as she readies two more singles to be released later this year and has already conceptualized an EP that she plans on working on too. “I have a lot of stuff coming up,” she says.

Watch the music video for “Underwater” below and stream the song on other platforms