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Susmit Sen Quits Indian Ocean

Founding member of the Delhi folk rock band announced his decision to part ways, Nikhil Rao to step in place

Rolling Stone India Jun 12, 2013
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Photo: Anurag Banerjee

Photo: Anurag Banerjee

Guitarist and founding member of Indian Ocean, Susmit Sen announced his decision to quit the folk rock band today. Sen, who founded the band alongwith Asheem Chakravarty in 1990, says in a statement issued to the media, “Right now, I am at my creative best. Indian Ocean is a sound and style we created. After more than 27 years of playing I feel that I am brimming with more compositions, more music ”“ but in a grammar and style that is different from Indian Ocean. So I feel restricted now as I am sure must be the case with the others as well. I strongly believe that my moving on will be beneficial for both Indian Ocean and my creative expression as well.” 

Sen will be replaced by guitartist Nikhil Rao, who is also the brother of the band’s manager, Anurag Rao. “We have always encouraged new talent. Now, after 23 years if we have created this legacy, it is just right to allow young talented artists to come forward and be part of it. I’m sure Nikhil would do a great job to bring a fresh sound to the band,” said Sen in a telephone interview.  

Sen launched his solo album, Depths Of The Ocean in 2012 as part of his solo project, The Susmit Sen Chronicles and plans to release his second album in September this year. The guitarist adds that his move to leave the band is only to help him explore other facets of being a musician.  Sen adds that he is busy producing an album for Delhi-based guitartist and singer-songwriter Harpreet Singh. “There’s another project I’m working on but the details will be out in July,” he says.

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Sen will join the band for a farewell tour later this year at the launch of a coffee table book on Indian Ocean to be released by Parragon Publishing, a UK-based publishing house that has previously published books on artists such as The Rolling Stones, John Lennon and Elvis Presley. 



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