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Sweden to Host ‘Man-Free’ Music Festival in 2018

The idea arose after an alarming number of sexual assault cases were reported at BrÃ¥valla, the country’s biggest music festival

Riddhi Chakraborty Jul 14, 2017
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Sweden is gearing up to host its first ”˜man-free’ rock music festival next year, according to a report by the Daily Mail.  The idea apparently arose after an alarming number of sexual assault cases were reported in recent years at BrÃ¥valla, the country’s biggest music festival.

Swedish radio personality and comedian Emma Knyckare was reportedly the first to suggest the idea of a ”˜no men allowed’ festival over Twitter, saying, “What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome, that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?” It was a notion that soon took off with hundreds of social media users. Knyckare soon confirmed via Instagram that the wheels are in motion for the ”˜man-free’ fest to proceed.

Knyckare and other supporters of the fest were reportedly hit with accusations of sexism, but refused to shift their stance. “Since it seems to be okay to discriminate against women all the time, maybe it’s okay to shut out men for three days?” she told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. “I would not exactly call it abuse not to come to the festival.”

In the meantime, the Guardian reported that the 2018 edition of Bråvalla has been cancelled due to the reports of four rapes and 23 sexual assaults on-ground, as well as artists subsequently refusing to play at the festival. British folk rockers Mumford and Sons had announced a boycott on the festival last year, stating that they would not perform at Bråvalla until the safety of their fans is guaranteed.

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