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Swedish Electro-Pop Artist Eleonor Leone On Her Global Month

Along with her live producer Spralice, the artist stopped by Canada and India in the span of a couple of months

Anurag Tagat Nov 30, 2018

Swedish electro-pop artist Eleonor Leone. Photo: Emeli Nilsson

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We’d chalk it down to that famed Swedish efficiency when electro-pop artist Eleonor Leone tells us she wrapped up her session at live video performance series Music Mojo on Kappa TV in one take. At the recording in Thiruvananthapuram just a few hours after Leone and her live producer Spralice aka Alexandra Ellmark Tornberg landed in India, they ran through seven songs and five covers. “They told us they had never had a performance shoot done that fast before,” Leone says with a laugh.

She was made aware that she could redo the songs for the taping, but felt it would be genuine to stick to one take. “It was fun, but not perfect. It was real,” she says. A performer with her show group who had stopped by in Singapore for a private gig, Leone made her way to Kerala courtesy of event producers Wonderwall Media’s Canadian rep Evan Murray, who had booked Leone to perform at music festival Live At Heart’s Canadian edition in Newfoundland in October.

Watch the video for “Hallucination” below.

That’s four countries in the span of a month for Leone, who began performing and releasing music with Swedish producer KNY aka Kenny Lundstrom last year. “In different ways, I’ve been making music my whole life. I did musicals and shows, so I have that background, but in the last year, I finally found what I was wanting to do ”“ like electro-pop and find my own voice,” she says. Her debut EP, Bye Boy Bye, released in August and presents a slick, catchy style that can turn heads. There’s more material in the works, including material she and her schoolmate-turned-bandmate Spralice toyed with while in India. Leone says with a laugh, “We’re happy to be in India right now because we can still see the sun! In Sweden, in winter we never see the sun.”

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With a show in Kochi (at Wonderwall Media’s Indiegaga gig series) out of the way and Leone back home in Sweden, there’s plans for more international shows and an album in 2019. “I would love to perform at a festival somewhere,” Leone says.

Listen to ‘Bye Boy Bye’ EP below.


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