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Systemhouse33 Talk Biblical Influences on New Album ‘End Of Days’

The Mumbai metallers steady their aim on the brutal new album, which released just ahead of their European tour

Anurag Tagat Apr 22, 2019

Mumbai metallers Systemhouse33 live in Lyon on their 2019 European tour. Photo: Mariel Diella

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Mumbai metal band Systemhouse33’s Samron Jude doesn’t care much for whether their new album End of Days would be branded as “Christian” or even “devil’s music.” He says, “You decide for yourself.”

A key text for Jude was The Book of Revelation, from the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It’s something the vocalist and founder member has been acquainted with for the last 20 years. He says, “Every year, I learn something new and have also studied it for my personal knowledge of the end of days, so I felt that this was the right time to cover it in an album given the uncertain socio-political atmosphere in the world around us. You turn on your T.V. for news and open the book of Revelation, you won’t be surprised.”

Their sixth album, which released on April 4th, features a smoldering thrash-death attack, courtesy of Jude on vocals, bassist Leon Quadros and first-time contributors Mayank Sharma (who drums for metallers Zygnema with Quadros) and guitarist Vigneshkumar Venkatraman (from heavy metallers Albatross). Jude calls it one of the most intense albums he’s worked on, and it’s evident right from songs like “Rapture” and seismic songs like the title track.

Currently on tour supporting Israeli metallers Orphaned Land, the band’s live lineup changed yet again owing to the band members’ availability. While Quadros and Sharma were away with Zygnema on their own European tour, Systemhouse33 was completed by bassist Shawn Phulpagar (from death metallers Atmosfear) and American drummer Parker Yowell (who’s previously been a part of death metallers Jungle Rot). The band even had a special guest in Goan music composing veteran Remo Fernandes attending their show in Porto. Jude adds, “We even sold out merch for our previous albums Regression and Depths of Despair so we’re very thankful.”

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