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Systemhouse33’s Big-Groove Break Out

The Mumbai thrash metal band go straight to the riffs on their fifth album ‘Regression’

Anurag Tagat Mar 01, 2016
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Systemhouse33 live in Germany in December 2015. Photo: Mariel Diella

Systemhouse33 live in Germany in December 2015. Photo: Mariel Diella

[easyreview cat1title = Regression cat1rating = 3.5 cat1detail = “Self-released”]
It’s taken more than a decade for Mumbai groove/thrash metal band Systemhouse33 to truly enter the spotlight and make their music stand out in the Mumbai metal circuit. Last year, one of the biggest steps they took forward was to put their resources together for a Europe tour with American death metal band Six Feet Under. On the heels of aiming for a global audience, Regression is a self-produced eight-track curveball of groove and thrash metal that never slows down.

Artwork for SystemHouse 33's debut album 'Regression'

Written by vocalist-guitarist Samron Jude and drummer-guitarist Atish Thomas, there’s a familiar blend of blazing modern metal sensibilities as well as pounding thrash metal on songs such as “Regression” and “Namesake.” With bassist Leon Quadros now also a part of thrash/groove metallers Zygnema, you can spot common influences on songs like “Death Chamber,” although the track does progress into more a polished sound reminiscent of American metallers Machine Head. They lead up to a bit of Slayer worship on “Detestable Idolatry” but the additional groove elements prevents them from falling into predictability.

But Regression only has so many moments of that fresh, unfamiliar metal, with Systemhouse33 staying in the safe zone of fire-starter riffs and drum blasts. Given their modern-leaning production, there’s a lot more open space they can explore. Let’s hope there’s more of that in their upcoming live shows within and outside India.

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