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Taba Chake Returns With Easygoing New Love Song ‘Blush’

The Arunachal Pradesh-bred singer-songwriter talks about his first release since 2019’s stellar album ‘Bombay Dreams’

Anurag Tagat Nov 11, 2020

Arunachalese singer-songwriter Taba Chake has released his new song 'Blush.' Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Arunachal indie artist Taba Chake‘s latest tune “Blush” has all the makings of a strong, affectionate song — supplied with warbly electric guitar, flittering folk melodies and the singer’s unmistakable lovesick lilt. But he says it was written around 2013, when he wasn’t in a relationship, with the hope that he can sing “Blush” some day to a special someone. Chake adds, “I wrote it on my imagination of how it would feel being in a relationship and also things I’ll be doing for my girl.” 

By his own admission, there are plenty of love songs out there, but the singer-songwriter understands “they still don’t cover it all.” Chake says in a statement, “In this song I have tried to bring out the happy, innocent, naive side of love along with its agonizing effects that leave you in a bubble, dysfunctional and hooked. It’s a happy, light song.” 

The song is the first new release from Chake since his 2019 debut album Bombay Dreams, which pushed the artist to the front in terms of distinguished Indian singer-songwriters. He considers the record his body and soul, pointing out that it featured songs like “Meri Dastan” and “This Is The Day” that were eight years in the making. “The confidence it gives me is that if you do things honestly with your heart. The results will be fruitful,” he says of the album which has racked up millions of streams. 

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With Chake moving back to Arunachal from Mumbai in the course of the pandemic, he rehearsed and recorded “Blush” with local musicians and then sent it to New Delhi-based producer Ritwik De (from instrumental rock band Zokokva, who also worked on Bombay Dreams) for remote post-production finessing. 

For his part, the singer-songwriter says the lockdown months have been very productive. “For the first time in 15 years I got time to do things I always wanted to do, like visiting my village Khunglo often and spending a lot of time with my parents and family, which I never got to do. [I] got to explore songwriting in different languages like writing an Assamese song for the first time. I’m developing spiritual growth as well,” Chake says.

Listen to “Blush” below and on more platforms here.

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