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Thaikkudam Bridge and Agam Get Into the Festive Mood This Week

RED FM’s new live series South Side Story will feature the music, culture and food of Kerala to mark the start of Onam

Rolling Stone India Aug 30, 2019

South Side Story in Mumbai and New Delhi brings together fusion bands Agam (top) and Thaikkudam Bridge on the same stage. Photos: Anglin Correyo (Agam); Courtesy of the artist (Thaikkudam Bridge)

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It takes a fairly big company (not to mention, a diehard love for Kerala folk rock) if you want to see two of the country’s fusion heavyweights right now – Bengaluru-based Carnatic prog rock band Agam and Kochi fusion rock act Thaikkudam Bridge. Radio station RED FM is putting together a celebration of the harvest festival of Kerala, Onam, in two completely different cities as part of gig series South Side Story, held on September 1st in Mumbai and September 7th in New Delhi.

In addition to Onam delicacies from Kerala to craft an authentic experience, South Side Story will host two bands whose identity is intertwined with Malayalam-language music. Agam guitarist Jagadis Natarajan says they’re happy to be sharing the stage with Thaikkudam Bridge, which doesn’t happen too often. “We are huge fans of both their albums Navarasam and Namah.” Thaikkudam’s guitarist Ashok Nelson is equally praiseful of Agam, for not just being “learned and dedicated musicians” but also “a bunch of good human beings with heightened intellectual capacity to interact.”

Nelson notes the significance of an event that celebrates the culture of Kerala in completely different parts of the country. “The philosophy of Onam is universal.” He adds that since the band comprises members from across the country, Thaikkudam Bridge have always “tried to imply an exhibition of secularism and the ability to rejoice culture both domestic and alien.”

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While Thaikkudam Bridge are performing new material from their long-awaited forthcoming album Namah, as well as their debut album Navarasam, Agam have a career-spanning setlist, one that brings more audience engagement and extended versions to the front. Natarajan says, “Mumbai and New Delhi have always shown us love and we are extremely happy to be back in these lovely cities after quite a while.”

Jazz-fusion act Panchattva will open proceedings in Mumbai. Tickets for South Side Story in both cities are currently priced at ₹ 499 (general entry) and ₹ 1,099 for entry and an Onam sadhya (meal).

South Side Story takes place at Richardson and Cruddas, Mumbai on September 1st and at Zorba, New Delhi on September 7th. Get tickets for Mumbai here and New Delhi here.

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