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The Circus Hit the Studio with Second Album

Titled ‘Bats’, the record will hopefully release around August

Sharin Bhatti May 07, 2012
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The Circus (Photo: Swarnabh Ghosh)

Delhi’s alt rockers The Circus are readying the follow-up to their 2010 debut release From Space. Titled Bats, the record is a departure from their earlier rock-heavy sound with electronica thrown in. “We actually had the songs written down when From Space came out and have been performing the songs at gigs since then. It’s only eight months ago that we stepped in the studio with it,” says Arsh Sharma, guitarist and vocalist of the band. The boys decided to stick to the From Space crew for the second album as well with producer Anupam Roy. The Circus plan to release Bats sometime in August this year.

Besides Bats, The Circus is also working on an all-covers EP, which they intend to start releasing online one song at a time by the end of the month. It will feature covers of songs by Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Bon Jovi and Nirvana among others. “It stems from using a lot of electronica in our sound. The idea is to do something new,” says Arsh.

Here’s the track listing for Bats:

1. Bats

2. Gardens

3. 7×8

4. In The Laboratory There Are No Rules

5. Andromeda

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6. Poxilation Chickachaemia

7. Spontaneous Combustion Love Song

8. It Feels Good When The Medications Kick In 


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