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The Colour Compound: ‘At No Point Did We Ever Think We’re Going to Quit’

The Mumbai pop rock band will perform a hometown reunion gig at #FleaBazaarCafe next month

David Britto Jun 29, 2018

Mumbai pop rock band The Colour Compound will perform at city-based venue #FleaBazaarCafe next month. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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The last time Mumbai pop rock band The Colour Compound (TCC) hit the stage was at the city-based Mud Rush festival in 2016. Since then, the four-piece group went off the grid focusing on different projects. Vocalist-guitarist Bradley Tellis says, “It kind of got hard to meet so we figured let’s just take a break for a while because everyone was kind of doing their own thing.”

Tellis tells us that the real reason on why the band stopped is simple. He says, “The way TCC functions is that when we write music all of us have to be in the same room at the same time.” However, The Colour Compound announced today that they will perform a reunion gig after almost two years at Mumbai venue #FleaBazaarCafe on July 12th.

Wonder what the members have been up to since their last performance? Drummer Aditya Ashok channeled his energy performing with Indo/American rock band Skyharbor and his electronica act OX7GEN, bassist Adil Kurwa has been playing with rockers The Koniac Net and singer-songwriter Tejas, vocalist-guitarist Rohan Mazumdar has been a regular performer at venues around Mumbai and Tellis launched his own electronica project Schlick. “At no point did we ever think that we were going to quit, now everything seems to fall in place and everyone is free so we said, ‘Ok might as well do the gig,’” says Tellis.

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At the upcoming show, The Colour Compound will perform a couple of songs off their 2011 debut EP Sincerely Yours while a large chunk of their set will consist of tracks from their 2014 full length From Where We Stand. Tellis says, “We’ve changed up a couple of songs like vibe wise, groove wise, changed some keys and added some stuff.” The band is also geared to perform material that hasn’t been recorded which includes songs such as “Unbecome” and “Up.”

Keyboardist Brent Tauro (from Mumbai pop rock band Strike Three) will join the band “adding a little extra backing” and guests that include Mumbai musicians Sidd Coutto, Jishnu Guha and Clayton Hogermeer will add to the excitement. “We’re going to throw in a bunch of covers as well that we need to still decide,” says Tellis. Also, Hogermeer is slated to perform an opening set with singer-songwriter Aria Nanji.

Tellis mentions that gig promoter Vivek Dudani has been chasing the band for the longest time on reuniting and performing a gig. He says, “Vivek has a lot to do with it because he’s been constantly worrying us saying, ”˜Get back, get back.’” Ask the guitarist if there are more shows and new music in the pipeline and he says, “As of now the plan is just to do this gig and possibly meet regularly and maybe we’ll get in the studio and write something.”

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On what people attending the gig can look forward to, Tellis says, “I think it will be great nostalgia, even for us. A lot of people have been worrying us to get back together so it should be a fun evening and people can expect to sing along.”

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